Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pinterest Post

Hey guys! :) How are ya'll? :D

Today I am copying the awesome Jessica and doing a Pinterest post! :) Just a warning, this will be a long post. :D I hope you guys enjoy! :) *All pictures from Pinterest*

I love horses! :) I want to get back into riding them sometime soon!

:) Love you guys! Ya'll are all beautiful!

Fall! :)

*Cough* Guilty *Cough* :D

I love all of my friends!! :) <3

So true! :D

I love animals! :)

I love music! 

Proud to be a Christian. <3

Well, that's it! :D I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Which pins were your favorites? :)



  1. I love horses too! I have one of my own!:) Have a gr8 day!

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  3. I love pinterest posts! Are you gonna end up posting the questions and answers video?? I'm really looking forward to it!!

    1. Hi Jana! :) Sorry I'm just getting to replying to your comment now. And sorry I haven't posted the vlog yet! I have been pretty busy, and I haven't edited it yet. :( I will try to soon though! :)

  4. Love it! I especially loved the horse pictures. Yeah I am a horse lover too. :)