Saturday, September 14, 2013

Life Lately!

Hi guys!

How have you all been?  I've been pretty good, though I've been busy with homework, chemistry specifically (that rhymes. :D)

I will put the vlog up soon! I filmed it about a week ago, but it's too long to post in one video (think 40 minutes long), so I have to separate it into three parts, and I haven't gotten around to that yet. :( But, I will try to very soon! :)

Lately I've been:

-Doing homework
-Going on Instagram
-Reading and just finished The Iliad for my literature class
-Just started The Odyssey
-Reading Canterwood Crest for fun
-Started writing a new book
-Going to church and youth group
-Loving God, my family, and friends.
-Wanting to meet this girl in person for the second time
-And wanting to meet this girl in person for the first time
-Sad that summer is over, but also ready for fall! :)

That's what I've been up to! :)

What have you been doing lately?



  1. Loved the post! I tagged you on my blog! I'd love to see your answers <3

  2. Eekk, flooded with school reading lit. (and yet..I am here..reading you and your sister's blog)

  3. Cool post! :) I have been pretty good. Haha, isn't Canterwood Crest awesome? :D