Monday, May 20, 2013

Q & A With Ryan Ochoa (w/ Guest Author Caelen)

Hi everyone!
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So I'm sure most of you know Ryan Ochoa from the hit t.v. show on Disney XD, "Pair of Kings"!
On "Pair of Kings" he plays Lanny 

So, I mailed Ryan with a picture, and a question and answer, and he replied with the q&a signed my picture and signed his own.
So first, the q&a!

Q. #1: What's it like on Disney Channel?
A: Incredible, so honored to work for a company I grew up watching and have the best time.

Q. #2: So, you have been in quite a few movies and T.V. shows. So what type of characters do you like to play?
A: I started in film before tv but I like to play all kinds of characters.

Q. #3: What's a fact not many people know about you?
A: I'm not an actor, I just play one on TV.

5. This or That? (weird questions, I know)
Circle* or Square
TV* or Internet
Blue*, Green or Red

Q. #6: What do you like to do when you're not acting?
A: Hang out with my brothers.

SO, here are the autographs...

and the evelope

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    1. Thanks for both the compliment and for letting me guest post

  2. Wow, that is so cool! How did you get his address?

    1. From a website called you should check it out

  3. That's so cool, Caelen! Great guest post :)