Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hilda's Giveaway!

Hi guys! :) Today I am posting my entry for Hilda's giveaway! :) Ya'll should enter! :)

1. If you could spy without being seen, what celebrity would you spy on? A: Hmm... I would spy on one of my favorite singers, Tobymac. :D I would see what he does during his day. :)
2. What would you do if you teleported over to your celeb's house? A: I would be really excited! I would like to see what his house is like. :)
3. Would you send your ring to someone else? Who? A: I would only trust a few select people with it, specifically my close friends. :)
4. Would you spy on your crush and friends? A: Yes, I think so! ;)
5. Would you tell anyone of your secret (magical ring)? A: I'd tell only a few people, my family and close friends. :)
6. What would you wish for? A: I would wish for that everyone could come to know Christ!
7. Finally, why would you like to win this giveaway? Be honest! ;) A: I would love to win your giveaway because I love to read. Also, I'm a fellow writer myself, so I would love to read your book! :) It sounds really good! Also, the ring is really pretty! :)

Have a great day! :)


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  1. Great job!! Keep up the awesome work. Winners will be announced soon.