Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Summer!

Hey guys!

How are you?  How has your summer been?  Have you started school yet?

I start school today.  So, I thought I would do a post of my summer. :)

Below is my summer bucket list, and I'm just going to go through it, and comment on each thing, and whether I did it or not. :)

Summer Bucket List:
1. Have my sweet sixteen. Check.  
Yes, I had my sweet sixteen, and it was great! :)

2. Have friend(s) over for my sweet sixteen. Check.  
I had some of my best friends over to sleepover, and that was fun! :)

3. Go to summer camp with my youth group. Check.  
Yes, I went to the one with my youth group, and also to a non church affiliated one. :) I had a lot of fun, specifically at church camp. :)

4. Go to my grandparents house. Check.  
I went here for the 4th of July, and it was awesome! :)

5. See fireworks. Check.  
I saw these at the 4th of July. :)

6. Go to our family reunion. Check.  
I went to this! :)

7. Go to Chick Fil A at least once with my youth group.  
I didn't get to go to Chick Fil A. :( My youth group goes to Chick Fil A every Wednesday night after youth group, and I don't get to go during the school year, since I have an 8:00 AM co-op class on Thursdays.  Oh well, there's always next summer! :)

8. Make a new friend(s). Check.  
I made two new friends, Carley and Kennedy. :) I also grew closer to a lot of people, such as Ice Girl, Callie, and Erin. :) I love you girls! 

9. Read at least 20 books before August 20 (the day I go back to school). Check.  
Yay! :) I accomplished my goal! :)

10. Make a music video. Check.  
I made one with my friends at my sweet sixteen. :D That was fun!

11. Get a Facebook and/or Instagram account for my 16th birthday. Check.  
I didn't get a Facebook, but I got an Instagram!  Yay!! :D 

12. Have sleepover(s). Check.  
I had one, at my sweet sixteen. :)

13. Blog at least once a week, unless I am out of town. Check.  
I think I did this. :) I may have skipped one week, but for the most part, I think I consistently blogged while I could. :)

14. Write at least two more chapters of my book. 
I didn't do this. :( I think I wrote one or one and a half chapters.  I've had a bad case of writer's block lately. :P

15. Make friendship bracelet(s). 
I didn't make any. :(

16. Guest post on someone's blog. Check. 
I guest posted on Ice Girl's blog and Sierra's blog. :)

17. Read Romans and Proverbs in my Bible. Check. 
I'm really happy that I accomplished this, although, I haven't read much in my Bible after Proverbs. :( I need to read it more often. 

18. Have at least two friends over, or go to two friend's houses. Half check. 
I had friends over for my sweet sixteen, but nothing else, besides that. :P

19. Swim a bunch. Check. 
I swam a lot in the beginning of summer, but not really much in the past month or so. :P

20. Go to Costa Rica (not sure if we are going in the summer or not, so this one depends on when we are going). We didn't end up going this summer, and I'm not sure when we are.  

21. See my youth pastor wife's new baby.
I saw my youth pastor wife and the stroller that the baby was in as I walked into church, but I didn't actually meet the baby. :(

22. Watch the American Girl: Saige movie. Check. 
This movie is really good! :)

23. Walk to Starbucks. Check. 
Yes, we did this at the beginning of summer! :) 

24. Get new music and apps.  Half check.
I got some new music and one app. :)

25. Get my driver's permit. 
I have yet to get this, and I need to get it soon! :P

26. Re watch all the Harry Potter movies in order.
We watched them at the beginning of summer, but we sort of skipped around, and we didn't watch the first one. :) 

27. Re watch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Lord of the Rings in order. 
No, we didn't get to do this. :(

28. Have a photoshoot.
My sister and I didn't get to it. :(

29. Eat at a new restaurant. 
I don't think we did, that I can remember. :)

30. Dog sit my aunt and uncle's new dachshund puppy, Buster. 
We didn't do this, but he came over a couple times with my aunt, uncle, and cousins just for the day. :)

31. Go back to school shopping with some friends. 
I didn't go with friends, but I did go with my family. :)

32. Exercise at least once a week.
This was a complete fail, lol. :P I did good at the beginning of summer, but not during the rest of the summer. :P

So, I think this summer was really good, better than last year. :) There were some hardships, but also good times. :)

Have a great day!



  1. It sounds like you've had a great summer filled with lots of fun! Glad to see that :)

  2. Looks like you accomplished lots! Hope you have a great school year.

  3. You got a lot done! Now get your license so we can meet.

  4. What A Fun summer and I am amazed about your goals to read 20 books. Impressive :)