Sunday, August 11, 2013

Church Camp!

Hey guys!

Today I am posting on church camp! :)

Oh my gosh, it was so fun!!  I liked it a lot better than my first camp. :)

Saturday: we took buses up to camp on Saturday at 2:00, and we didn't get there until around 4:15 or so. On the way we watched The Incredibles. Once we got there, we unloaded the buses, and then put our stuff in our rooms, and then had a camp tour. Afterwards, we had dinner, and then evening worship. After that, we had team time. We had field relays! After that, we went back to our cabins, showered, and got ready to go to bed. 

My entire cabin!  There were three rooms, and they were all connected by doors. :) From left to right, top row: Karina, AJ, Madison, me, Kayla, Allison (she and Madison are twins!), Callie, Katy, Emma, and my team leader, Miss Jen.  Left to right, bottom row: Shelby, Lucy, Mariana, Mikayla, Alli, Sarah, Bella, and Katherine. 

Being silly! :D

Sunday-Tuesday the schedule was basically the same: 

7:30: Wake up.
8:00: Breakfast. 
9:00: Devotions. 
10:00: Team time. We would play three different games.  I was on the team Mr. Freeze, and so were Karina and Callie! :)
12:30: Lunch. 
1:30-4:30: Free Time. Sunday I went to the lake, Monday I went to the pool, and Tuesday I went to the lake again. :) 
5:30: Dinner. I always thought this was too early for dinner, as I would always be hungry at night. :D The food was great though! :)
7:00: Evening Worship.
9:00: Team Time. Where we would discuss what we thought about evening worship that night.
10:00: This would be the night's event. Sunday was Free Night, you could go swimming or watch Madagascar 3, Monday was the Talent Show, my team competed, and I had to dance!! :D And Tuesday was the Mud Games, where we got completely muddy!! :D I didn't think it would be that fun, but it was! :) 
12:00-1:00: Is when we usually got ready for bed. :) I had a clip on fan, so that was nice! :) Tuesday night we kind of packed up the night before. :) 

My team! :D

Playing leap frog! :)

7:00: We woke up, and finished packing. 
8:00: Breakfast. 
9:00: Devotions. 
9:45-10:15: Our last team time, where we said goodbye to each other and stuff. 
10:30: We loaded the buses, and left Camp Tejas. Once again, we watched The Incredibles. I didn't really see the point though, because lots of people slept on the way back. And those who didn't sleep probably wanted to, but couldn't because of the movie noise. That was me. :D
12:40: We got back to the Sugar Creek Lyf Center, the church we were partnering with for camp. We got our stuff, I said bye to my awesome friend, Erin, and then my mom took me and my brother to lunch with my dad. And when I got home, I took a two hour nap. :D And I never take naps, lol! :)

Camp was awesome, and I can't wait to go back next year! :)


P.S. Do any of you guys have Instagram?  I just got one on Thursday! :)  


  1. Looks like you had an awesome time!! :)

  2. How fun! I am sure you were fulfilled with His gracious during the camp.

    I love being silly picture :)