Friday, October 19, 2012

Oh no...

Once again, I've been gone for a while. Sorry guys. :P

On Wednesday I took the PSAT test!  Did anyone take that?  I was the only one in my English class that did!

Today my siblings and I have our play at 7 pm and another one tomorrow at 12 pm! I'm super nervous, could you maybe pray that it would go well? I would really love that. :)

Well guys, I know this is a super short post, but it's not really in my personality to do super long rambly posts... unless I really feel like it. :)

I will post soon!



  1. Oh, I took the PSAT before, those are weird/unpredictable tests...haha ;) I will definitely be praying for you Hannah. I'm sure you will do fine! : )Have a great weekend!

  2. Good luck! I'm sure you and your sibling's will do great!