Monday, October 29, 2012

Missed Opportunities

Hey guys!  How was your weekend?

Today I have something on my mind that I would like to post about.

On Saturday, my family and I were all going to go to a housewarming/costume party at one of our family friend's house. Well, I didn't really want to go, as I haven't really seen the family in a few years, and it's mostly just my parents that talk to their parents. My Mom ended up staying home with me while the others went on ahead. Then we just decided to get into costume and drive by and see if we wanted to go. Well we did, but we just decided to go get Starbucks instead, even though I knew in my heart that God was really telling me to go.

Anyway, when the others came home later, my Dad told us that my friend, Madeline, from school, had been there! Turns out that our family friends had moved next door to them!  When I heard that, I immediately felt bad for not going. To tell you the truth, I don't have very many "in person" friends, as I am a very shy person. It's so much easier for me to make online friends, which are awesome by the way. ;) One reason is that I don't like big groups. So, that would have been a perfect opportunity to talk to Madeline, just her and me. And God knew that she was going to be there, and he was telling me to go, and I didn't listen.

I miss so many wonderful opportunities because they are not in my comfort zone.  Sometimes, I just need to put myself out there, and see what happens.  And most likely, it will turn out great. :)

Thanks for listening to my ramblings guys!


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  1. Yes, God does most of his greatest work when you are out of your comfort zone. :)

  2. I can totally relate to that! I am a shy, quiet person in real life too. It's so much easier online! :) But I'm so glad God poked and prodded me to try out for Music Man. I was having doubts about going back, but once I was there, I fit right in and have made so many great new friends. I only hope He does the same in your life. :)

    Love, Jessica