Thursday, July 11, 2013


Hey guys! :)

How are you doing?

I am doing well. :)

How was your 4th of July?  Mine was good!

We went to a firework show near my grandparent's house, as I said in my previous post. :) It was fun!

The fireworks were so pretty! 

We always love visiting the goats when we're at my grandparent's house!  Four of them let you pet them. :) They're so cute!

My cousin, Will, with blonde hair, and his new friend, Logan, bottle feeding Squirt and Patches. :) 

Squirt! :) 

My cousin, Audrey, loved the goats! :) She was so sweet with them. :)

Here we all are with Patches, who got out of the picture a little bit. :D

This is Pet! Yes, that's really her name! :)

Grunter, my grandparent's first bottle goat!  That was three years ago, and she still is really lovable! :)

Emma with Grunter and Patches. Her head got cut off. :D

Pretty sunset!

Well, I'll try and post soon!  I'm going to be at summer camp (my first overnight camp ever!  Eek!) from  this Sunday until next Saturday.  So, I will post about it when I get back!

Love you guys!



  1. Oh my goodness!! Your firework photos are amazing!! :)

  2. Totally agree with Storyteller, the pics are GREAT!! :D I'm so glad to hear you had such a nice fourth!
    Those goats are so sweet! And the names are adorable!! :)

  3. Cool post! I wish I could have seen the Fourth of July fireworks. Aww, the goats are adorable! :) Have fun at camp!

    ~ Jessica

  4. Love the pictures.. I really like the sunset! Looks like you had lot's of fun!

  5. I must be a mix of Nearly Headless Nick and The Ghost with a Bloody Finger...

  6. Hi Hannah I am following Emma's blog and that is how I found out about your blog!! I really love it!! I followed and I hope you visit mine!! LOVED the pictures!!!!!! Have a great week!!

  7. Aw, don't worry. You will have fun, you'll see. Enjoy summer camp and have fun! :)