Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Break

Hola mi amigos!  Como estan?  

I am... eh. :( Let me explain. :) 

This week is my Spring Break, as it is probably for some of you as well. :) And, believe me, I was so looking forward to this break to relax and do some fun things.

But Sunday I woke up sick.  I spent both Monday and Tuesday on the couch literally all day, reading books on my Kindle and watching the occasional movie.  I was so frustrated.  And then I couldn't go to youth group last night, which was going to be different because the Junior Highers were invited,  because I'm still feeling a bit sick. :( So my brother and sister went instead.

I was really upset that my spring break had to be spent this way, when all I really wanted to be doing was going on the computer, and doing things I don't feel like doing when I'm sick. :P

But, God does have a plan for everything, so even though I was and still am mad about my spring break, I just have to trust in God.  He knows what He is doing. :) For instance, at Youth Group last night, they played dodgeball, and I absolutely dislike dodgeball, so maybe He planned it so I wouldn't have to be there. :D It sounds silly, but it definitely could be true!  

I hope you guys are having a great week!  Done/doing anything fun?  I'd love to know! :) 

Talk to you guys soon!



  1. So sorry you had to spend your break like that! True, I dislike dogeball to, and yes, that could have been possible. :D
    I really have been having a loooong break because we can't home-school. :(

  2. I've been sick too! Though, not as sick as you I just have had a cold. But I hope you get to feeling better!
    Since my mom doesn't do spring break we don't really have anything planned but on Saturday my parent and the F's are going out and leaving us kids with the F's grandmother to eat sweets and watch movies all day! I can't wait!

  3. I do not like it when that happens! Right before Christmas I got really sick. :( I had an ear infetion and then I got the flu. Luckily, about three days before Christmas I got better. (Even though that was after taking really gross medicine for days :P)Anyway, I hope you get better soon. We're not really doing much for spring break, just hanging out. We did go shopping yestereday though, which was really fun :)
    Get well soon!

  4. Awww I'm sorry you were sick on your break. =/ But hey, at least you got a break! I dislike dodgeball too, everytime I play someone gets me out in the beginning. =P I hope you are feeling well!

    Purple Pixie

  5. Hope you feel better soon ! :)

    I'm sorry you're sick. :(
    Please get well soon. <333

    Love ya'!


    Ps: I love your blog design girly! :))

    1. It stinks that you were sick over spring break. AND WE'RE LEAVING TO GO THE FARM TODAY! AH.

      And Kenzie, I designed her lovely blog. ;) hahaha XD So that's a compliment to both me, and her, right? ;) haha. Love ya <3

      xx emma

  6. Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments guys! I love ya'll!

  7. I hope and pray that you feel better :) way to look on the bright side Hannah, God is so awesome and he does care about the little details in our lives, so that might have been true about the dodgeball. I hope you feel better, email me! :)