Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Week!

Hey guys!

How are you? :) I am pretty good, but busy!

Anyway, I thought I would tell you what I've been doing this week. Like make a schedule of what my week was like. :D Okay, here it is:

Thursday, March 14- My family and I left with my little cousin, Will, to go up to my grandparents house. It was a long drive of five hours.  Today was my PawPaw's birthday!

The cake! :D

Friday, March 15 through Sunday, March 17- The weekend was spent hanging out with family, and enjoying the countryside.  My dad came up on Friday night with my aunt, uncle, and other little cousin, Audrey. Oh and also my dog, Sadie. :D Our cousins, Samantha and Jacob, came over on both Friday and Saturday, and that was really fun. :) We drove home Sunday night, all except for my sister, Emma, who came home with my aunt, uncle, and cousins the next day. And on Friday it was Danielle's sister's birthday, and on Sunday it was this girl's birthday. :) 

Emma and Will feeding Patches, the goat! 

Jacob and Ethan fishing!

Exploring! :D

Monday, March 18- this day was spent doing Biology homework, since I was sick over the break and hadn't been able to do it before. :)

Tuesday, March 19- Biology and Spanish class today. :) It went pretty good, at least there were no tests. :D After classes, we went out for lunch, since my dad works from home Tuesdays. Then I came back and did history homework. On Tuesday it was Meg's birthday! 

Wednesday, March 20- Today I did some English homework, and then I had the rest of the day to myself. :)

Thursday, March 21- Had my American Literature and American and Modern History classes today.  :) Plus, another birthday that I can't mention, but you know who you are girl. ;) 

Friday, March 22- today I did most of my Spanish homework, and then worked on my story a little bit and read a lot.  Made plans with two sweet girls from church to get together on Sunday before Bible Study!

Okay, if you got through all of that, you're awesome! I hope it wasn't too boring! :D



  1. YAY I'M AWESOME!!! Okay, yes, I do like to make super annoying comments on your blog and make you wish that you didn't know me. YES YES YESSSSS

    Mwahahaha I am the most annoying person on the face of the earth!!

    Your Annoying Sister (fiyhifuhweuhfihqihfuqhi),

  2. Awesome post! It sounds like you had a busy, but fun week! :)

  3. Sounds like you had a really busy and fun week! Mine wasn't that busy. XD


  4. Thanks for mentioning Sierra! :) Sounds like a fun and busy week!!