Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Great Two Hours!

Hi guys! How are you today? I am sick but getting better!

Well, today I had English and History class. It was a long day, but when I got home I was very happy to receive an email saying what parts I had gotten in my play I had auditioned for the day before! :)

Then, I talked so excited to talk to my pen pal and amazing friend, KayleeBeth, on the phone for the first time!! KayleeBeth is so amazing, kind, sweet, fun, and she made me laugh so much!! We ended up talking for 2 hours... wow! Definitely a record for me! :) But I had so much fun the entire time!

Anyway, I hope I can talk to her again very very very soon!! :)

Hope you all had a good Thursday!



  1. I'm great!! KayleeBeth is amazing<3

    1. or I should say ah-mazing<3 KayleeBeth! *wink*

  2. Cool! Sounds like fun!! I had fun and LOVED when I talked to Emma too;)!

  3. Hi Hannah! I love your new design :)

  4. I had tons of fun too! we will have to do it again sometime VERY soon! Thanks for mentioning me!!