Friday, June 7, 2013

My Summer Bucket List!

Hey guys!

I decided to make a summer bucket list. :)

Summer Bucket List:
1. Have my sweet sixteen.
2. Have friends over for my sweet sixteen.
3. Go to summer camp with my youth group. 
4. Go to my grandparents house.
5. See fireworks.
6. Go to our family reunion.
7. Go to Chick Fil A at least once with my youth group. 
8. Make a new friend(s). 
9. Read at least 20 books before August 20 (the day I go back to school). 
10. Make a music video.
11. Get a Facebook and/or Instagram account for my 16th birthday.
12. Have sleepover(s). 
13. Blog at least once a week, unless I am out of town.
14. Write at least two more chapters of my book.
15. Make friendship bracelet(s). 
16. Guest post on someone's blog. 
17. Read Romans and Proverbs in my Bible. 
18. Have at least two friends over, or go to two friend's houses. 
19. Swim a bunch.
20. Go to Costa Rica (not sure if we are going in the summer or not, so this one depends on when we are going). 
21. See my youth pastor wife's new baby. 
22. Watch the American Girl: Saige movie.
23. Walk to Starbucks.
24. Get new music and apps.
25. Get my driver's permit. 
26. Re watch all the Harry Potter movies in order.
27. Re watch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Lord of the Rings in order. 
28. Have a photoshoot.
29. Eat at a new restaurant. 
30. Dog sit my aunt and uncle's new dachshund puppy, Buster. 
31. Go back to school shopping with some friends. 
32. Go on a walk or bike ride at least once a week. 

I might be adding some things, but this is it for now! :) 

What are you wanting to do this summer? :)



  1. Awesome list!!! And I totally want to go swimming a bunch! haha but I will probably hitting the beach and not the pool....