Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy 12-12-12!

Hey guys!

Happy 12-12-12! :)

I'm so excited because I get out of school tomorrow for Christmas break!! Yay!!

Also, thanks so much for your prayers about my friend, she is now home thankfully!!

Talk to you guys soon!



  1. Hello, dear!
    Thank you again for all your sweet comments on my blog. :) They always make me smile. <3

    Happy twelve-twelve-twelve to you too. It makes me rather sad to think we'll never have any more same number day/month/year days in our lifetimes, ever again! At least I've experienced 12 of them in my life. ;) {I've written "twelve" so much today it doesn't look spelled right. haha.} :)

    xx / mikailah

  2. Happy 12.12.12 :) Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!