Monday, November 5, 2012

Hey guys!

This is the day where I do a post saying that I am a new fan of One Direction. :)

My best friend just introduced me to the band over the weekend, and I am now in love! :)

So... some pictures! 

 Left to right, starting at top: Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Liam Payne. <3

 They're hilarious!!

In love yet?? ;) 

And now is probably the time where you ask which one is my favorite... let's just say I have a thing for Irish and blonde guys! ;) So, in other words, NIALL WILL YOU MARRY ME?? 



  1. I love them too! Been a fan since January. :)

  2. Niall and Lois are epic. But I'm not really loving Liam's new hair!

  3. OMG!!!! I'm so glad a new Directioner!!!!!!!! I know right, Niall is EPIC! I love him so much. They are amazayn!

  4. Ha! :D I guess I sort of like them. Their songs are cool. ;)

  5. I love One Direction! :) Their new Album "Take me Home" is coming out November 14th I believe. They've changed a whole lot, since those pictures though... Niall James Horan is already my husband, but I'm happy to share him with you though. ;3

  6. One Directions new album "Take Me Home" is coming out November 14th I think. So excited. <3 They have changed a lot since those pictures though. I agree with Ice Girl, not a fan of Liam's new hair. But I still love them. Niall James Horan is already my husband, but I'm happy to share him with you if you like. c;

  7. Welcome to the club, dear! Being a Directioner is quite exciting. :)

  8. As some of have said, Liam's hair stinks...but it was for a good cause! Just the kind of sweet thing he would do. They're a great band and welcome into the Directioners :D What else needs to be said :P Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

  9. aw, wow, they have changed so much since these-- cute :)
    love the boys<3 and I agree, I don't care that he cut his hair since he did it for charity. He is such a good guy :) btw, tagged you!

  10. haha! I ♥ Niall too! I ♥ all of them, actually.

    ♥ Purple Pixie