Monday, September 17, 2012


Hola! Como estas? :)

I am doing well. Except I'm sad that this will be the last week that I take horseback riding lessons with my horse I ride, Ashton, since my instructor is moving. ;( Love ya Ashton, even though you can be really stubborn. :(

Well I have a free day today since I finished my homework over the weekend! What should I do? Hmm... I'll probably read and maybe go to the park and write. :)

What are you doing this Monday?



  1. Fun!! I am getting my hair cut today... finally!!!

  2. Hi Hannah! :)

    That's too bad with Ashton, I know how you feel. I haven't ridden my fave horse since summer! :(

    Also, did you get my letter? It's been awhile...

    See ya!

    Love, Jessica :)

  3. I TOTALLY, COMPLETELY know how you feel!!! Losing a horse is like losing a family member.

    Today, I went shopping with my mom :D

  4. Today I went to farm school with my best friend. Farm school was fun we went on a hike and had a pic nick.
    Too bad about your instructor moving.


  5. Hi Hannah! I nominated you!