Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Writings! (#1)

Hey girls!

Today I am posting one of my stories that I have written. I hope that you like it!

Thunder and Lightning, an Animal Love Story

Thunder, a proud chestnut colored stallion, cantered powerfully through the woods. He was born of the mightiest race of horses, and he wanted other horses to know it. He picked up speed and broke into a full gallop.

About a mile away, Lightning, a beautiful black mare with a star on her head, walked noiselessly through the woods. She was a shy mare, but she had two things that stallions loved: She was pretty, and she was smart. Her mother had always told her not to be too proud, and she followed her instructions maybe a little too much. Right then, she was thirsty, and she smelled water just a little ways off. She whinnied, and took off.

Thunder, after running full out for nearly a mile, was very hot. He stopped running, and started walking slowly through the woods. Soon, he came to a cold, crystal blue lake. He whinnied happily, and walked into it, until the water was up to his knees. He drank the cold water. Suddenly, he saw another horse in the waters reflection.

Thunder looked up, and saw the most beautiful mare he had ever seen. She was as black as the night sky, and she had a pretty white star on her head. He nickered and went up to her. “Hello.” He said. Lightning looked up, startled. Her ears went back. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.” said Thunder. Slowly, Lightning’s ears went forward. After all, he was a rather handsome stallion. “That’s okay.” She said. “I’m Thunder.” He said. “I’m Lightning. Nice to meet you.” She said. “It’s nice to meet you, too. Are you born of the strongest horse race? I am.” Said Thunder proudly. Lightning looked a little taken aback by that question, but she simply said “If in strong, you mean strong love, then yes.” She said. Thunder was puzzled, but only for a moment. He whinnied and said “Want to go for a run together?” he asked her. “Of course.” Said Lightning. They both took off through the woods.

One Year Later:

Thunder and Lightning were standing in the moonlight together. They had been together for a while, and they loved it. Lightning suddenly sniffed the air, and laid her ears back. “What is it?” whispered Thunder, who had grown less proud thanks to the help of Lightning. “Humans. And they’re up to no good. We should get out of here while we can.” She said. The two horses took off, but they weren’t quick enough for the humans. They rode up in a car, and shot the horses with a tranquilizer gun. They fell to the ground.

When Lightning woke up, she was in what she though was a type of cage. She tried to get up, but she wasn’t strong enough yet. So she listened to the people talk. “Go check on that black mare. See if she’s come to yet.” Said a gruff voice that Lightning didn’t like. “Yes, sir. Where’s her stable?” said a sweet and kind voice. “The last stall on the right.” The mean voice replied.

Lightning heard footsteps, and soon her stable door opened. Lightning snorted nervously. “Hi, girl. It’s okay. I’m Sarah.” Said Sarah, soothingly. Lightning nickered. “I like this girl.” thought Lightning. Sarah lowered her voice. “I’m going to get you out of here, girl. You and that chestnut stallion. I have a lot of land that you could live on. I have green pastures, and cold lakes. Plus a nice and big barn.” Said Sarah. It sounded wonderful to Lightning. Plus, her foal was due soon, and she wanted to have it in a nice and warm barn, not in the cold rain out in the woods somewhere. “Sarah! What’s taking you so long?” barked that man again. “Sorry, sir. I’m coming!” said Sarah. Lightning laid her ears back. “That’s Jack Smith, the owner of this place. He’s not very nice, and he’s very watchful of this place. My sister, Elizabeth, who lives with me and who loves horses too, and I will come late tonight and take you and the stallion over to our place. Be ready, girl.” Said Sarah, stroking Lightning. Then, she went out.

Lightning had received strength through Sarah’s words, and now she could stand up. She whinnied and called out to Thunder. Soon, Thunder appeared at the next stall. They nickered in greeting to each other. “Thunder! This nice lady named Sarah and her sister are going to take us to their place! Won’t that be cool?” said Lightning. Thunder nodded his head. “I know. Elizabeth came and told me. She’s nice. We just have to stay awake for it.” Said Thunder.

About midnight, Sarah and Elizabeth appeared in the two horses stalls. “Okay. You have to stay quiet, girl.” Said Sarah, who was leading Lightning out. We’ll have to walk. Our horse trailer would have been too noisy to bring.” Said Elizabeth. But Lightning had a better idea. She quickly whispered something to Thunder, and he nodded. The two horses stopped, and gestured for the two women to ride on them. Elizabeth and Sarah only hesitated for a second, before swinging their selves up on the horses back. They rode off swiftly and silently to Thunder and Lightning’s new home.

About a week later, the vet was in Elizabeth and Sarah’s barn. It was a stormy night, with a lot of thunder and lightning. Lightning had given birth to a beautiful white filly, who stood up almost immediately after being born. “Wow. She’s a beauty. I’ll come and check on her tomorrow.” Said the doctor, and then left. Elizabeth and Sarah looked at the little pretty horse. “What should we name her?” asked Elizabeth. “How about Stormy? Lightning and thunder make up a storm, just like the horses did.” “Stormy. I like it.” Said Lightning. And Stormy it was.

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  1. I loved this story so much! <33

  2. That was fantastic! You really painted a picture with your writing. Keep it up!

  3. Oh thank you so much Briony! That means a lot to me! :)