Saturday, May 19, 2012

Disney World Pics Part One!

Hi girls! I am finally getting around to posting part one of my Disney World pics! There are going to be a lot of parts, because it takes FOREVER to upload pics. So, here they are!

We woke up very early Friday morning and went to the airport. We were very tired! :D

Here is our hotel, the Swan and Dolphin. We stayed in the Dolphin part of the hotel.
Here is my sister, Emma, and I waiting to get on the ferry to take us to Epcot! And our hotel is in the background. :)

Our hotel.

Emma, me, and my brother, Ethan, on the ferry boat.
Us with Mary Poppins!

These things are Eeyore, Piglet, Rabbit, and Tigger! Aren't they so cool?

Here's Pooh too.

We went to the Epcot Character Spot!

Isn't this beautiful?
Amazing butterfly!

So pretty!

So, that's it for part one! Which pics are your favorite? :) Sorry that some of them are blurry. :P

Hope you liked them! I'll try and have part two up soon!



  1. Very neat. I like the Whinnie the Pooh hedges. Sadly, I've never been to Disney World. I'm looking forward to part 2!
    Kristin @

  2. That was so much fun!:D I loved Disney World sooooo muchhhh! I have been working on my post for a while :) I am posting it now:)

  3. dude, I wanna meet marry poppins! ;) looks like you guys had fun.

  4. Awesome! It looks like you had fun. :)
    ~ Jess